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EVITA's mission is to save lives and improve the quality of life of individuals and families affected by hereditary cancer.

To achieve this objective, we intend to:

Social entities

EVITA constitutes a private non-profit association and is governed
by the provisions of the civil code, its Statutes and internal regulations.


President – João Pedro Antunes Milagre
Secretary – Adelaide Amélia Garcia de Sousa Richardson
Vowel – Lina Maria Milhazes Pinto


President – Jutta Tamara Irene Hussong Milagre
Secretary – Carlos Fernando Gouveia Afonso
Treasurer – Hélder Eugénio Ribeiro Cabral Vieira


President – Lídia Celeste Trocado Delgado Peleira
1st Member – Maria Rodrigues Leal Moitinho de Almeida
2st Member – Maria Manuela Alves Correia Cabral Vieira


EVITA, in the person of its president Tamara Hussong Milagre, represents those with genetic mutations at high risk for cancer in several European and international organizations:

  • ABC Global Alliance
  • ERN GERNTURIS – European Reference Network for Genetic Tumor Risk Syndromes
  • Netzwerk Selbsthilfefreundlichkeit

In addition, he obtained the “Patient Expert” certificate from the European Patient Academy (EUPATI, EUPATI Portugal and continually works in a network with leaders of other associations supporting carriers of pathogenic variants in genes associated with a predisposition to cancer at European and international level.

Testimony of Tamara Milagre - Founder of EVITA

One day, after an episode that woke me up to a reality I was unaware of, I took a genetic test and discovered that I had a genetic mutation in the BRCA1 gene. With this news came the need to vent to people who were in the same situation as me, and to talk to someone who could answer the thousands of questions that immediately arose.

But I quickly realized that in Portugal – despite there being several support organizations for people with cancer – there was no entity dedicated to guiding the pre-living, that is, those who know their high risk for the disease, but who have not yet become ill. .

The need to create an association to support hereditary cancer survivors and their families became a priority for me and for everyone who embraced this project with me.

The willpower and dedication of doctors, nurses, psychologists and users came together; ideas were developed, the necessary support was gathered, and EVITA was born. A place for those who, upon discovering that they may suffer from cancer, need a safe haven, a friendly shoulder. Who need to know that they are not alone in the world and that, despite everything, there is still hope.